Believe it or not this can happen. Not all exes erase your number after the break-up; and they may be trying to call someone and accidentally called your number or they simply butt-called you. 10) They heard/saw you met someone new. They are reaching out because they feel jealous or are hurting that you are with someone new. You could always go with the classic "hey" and roll from there. But if you'd like to spice things up, here are a few sample texts to send someone you just met, to get a conversation. These days, people very rarely let you know when the texting is going to stop. A guy who wants to impress you, on the other hand, could do this. If he says goodbye or in any other polite way lets you know that he’s not going to continue texting until the next time, it could mean that he likes you. 6. He clearly wants you to respond.

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